Why Every Digital Marketer Should have Quora in their Portfolio?


Quora is a very powerful Q/A website with over 600M visitors per month. In 2019, the only way to get quality traffic that actually converts is through Google but if you aren’t an SEO guy then you should focus on Quora.

Quora is having over a few million active members participating in different Questions and Answers.

As I said it’s a Q/A platform that means you’ll have the opportunity to promote your website among millions of people or I can say your potential clients.

The best thing about Quora is; It works with all niche. So, no need to worry if you have a niche site or micro-niche.

You can skyrocket your traffic by targeting handpicked Quora questions in your niche. Shouting Geek is one of the best helping hand if you want to dominate Quora.

How to Get Started with Quora?

  1. You’ll have to create a Quora account or you can use your existing Gmail/Facebook accounts to get logged in.
  2. The next step is to complete your Quora profile by completing all the block sections like BIO, Profile Credential, Employment, and Education details.
  3. The most important thing; Never use a FAKE name on Quora or they will catch you soon and all your hard work will be drained out and your profile will get locked.
  4. Use your own profile picture to connect with your followers directly.
  5. Your Quora Profile is complete now.

How to Select your niche on Quora?

If you have not selected any niche and willing to start promoting a site on Quora then as per my suggestion go with a Tech niche as lots of long-tail keywords are ranking on Google’s first page (As per 28 Sept 2019) but you are free to go in any niche.

How to Target high Traffic Questions on Quora?

  1. You can use tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to find high ranked pages of a site. Here is a screenshot of the SEMrush tool where I have a long list of ranked questions on Google.
  2. You can research Google itself to find popular questions on Quora. What you have to do is paste the query below in Google search bar with your niche and you’ll get lots of popular Quora Threads.

site: Quora.com niche – You just need to replace niche with your website category like tech, SEO, Home Decor.

How to Answer Quora Questions to Bring more Traffic?

There is only one Golden rule for Quora marketing success and that is QUALITY over QUANTITY so, it is better to answer fewer good quality questions over multiple spammy answers.

Always check your answer for punctuation and Grammar mistakes before publishing.

Try to give a personal touch to the answers by giving your personal experience. Along with this, your answer should be long enough to answer the question completely.

Always follow 3:1 ration while answering, which means 3 answers without linking back to your site and 1 to your website.

With this tactic, your account will never get banned.

Conclusion: Why Every Digital Marketer Should have Quora in their Portfolio?

Quora is a golden opportunity to get quality leads but you’ll have to take precautions and try not to harm the resources.

I have been using Quora from the last couple of years and so far, I am having great success with it.


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