An Interview with Chayan Chakrabarti: Founder of Simplefactsonline

Hey Guys, Welcome back to our new post of Blogger’s Interview Series. Today we are going to Interview with Chayan Chakrabarti founder Simplefactsonline.

Chayan is a part-time blogger who provides actionable blogging tips to his blog. He shares Quality-Content to help his readers. I’m also a daily reader of Chayan’s Blog and a big fan of his content.

So, let’s get a start this Interview with Chayan Chakrabarti.

1. Digital Durgesh: Hello, Chayan Welcome to my Blog. Please tell us about yourself and your educational background. 

Chayan Chakrabarti: Hi, Durgesh, thanks for inviting me here. Myself Chayan, I am the founder and content creator of simplefactsonline.

I have been blogging for the last 6 months. I am also working with one MNC, and I am a computer application graduate.

2. Digital Durgesh: Can you describe how did you first get into blogging?

Chayan Chakrabarti: Well, I was keen to get into the blogging back in 2016-2017. But, I was not confident whether I could manage my blog with my job. Then eventually, in August 2019, I decided that I should give it a try.

So this is how I started. 

3. Digital Durgesh: Are you a full-time blogger? What are your major income sources?

Chayan Chakrabarti: As mentioned before, I am a part-time blogger. I blog with my full-time job. And yes, I have to plan a lot of things to blog. 

And my primary revenue sources are Affiliate Marketing, Organic Social Media Consultation, etc. 

4. Digital Durgesh: How much time it will take for a beginner to make money from a blog?

Chayan Chakrabarti: Good question. Blogging takes time, and in 2020, if you are not doing the basics correctly, then you will be lagging as a blogger.

It’s only my 6th month in blogging, and I can generate a passive income for me. So you have to give enough time when you start. 

Understand one thing here, blogging requires multitasking, and for the initial few months, there will be challenges. Either you can walk away or work harder to establish your command.

5. Digital Durgesh: What is the importance of investment in blogging? Would you like to share your blogging expenses?

Chayan Chakrabarti: Investment is very much essential to scale and grow any blog faster. But as a blogger, you should have the ability to invest in the right resources.

I have invested a lot so far, which is why my blog has scaled in less than a year. However, out of all my investments, there is a success ratio of 80%, which means out of every ten investments of mine, only 8 got successful.

As I mentioned earlier that I started my blogging and all the initial investments I had to do on my blog, it was with my salary.

So I was very calculative when I started, but my first investment turned out to be a blunder, but that did not demotivate me to invest in my blog. You have to treat your blog as a business.

And a company can only grow if you are working with a team. Either you do everything on your own or hire an expert, its easy peasy.

6. Digital Durgesh: Digital Durgesh: How much time do you spend on blogging? And How do you manage your Blog with a Job?

Chayan Chakrabarti: If you have a passion for something, then nothing can stop you. Don’t worry, I am showcasing fake positivity, but this is what happened to me.

I work for a United States project for my employer. Because of this, I have to work at night because I am living here in India.

When I started, then I prepared a schedule of mine that after my work, I will be spending 4 hours on blog, to learn and understand the blogging.

As of now, I spend around 54 to 55 hours weekly on my blog

7. Digital Durgesh: I’m a big fan of your content. What are the secret recipes to Write High-Quality Content?

Chayan Chakrabarti:  I get this a lot. There is no secret to write content that people love. However, you have to do your research well. And then write the topic with your own mindset.

For example, while writing a review article for an Affiliate Marketing, I would recommend you to use the product and write a genuine review, including the pros and cons will help you gain more readers and followers.

8. Digital Durgesh: How making a connection with other bloggers can help to grow a Blog?

Chayan Chakrabarti: I always focus on building a genuine bond with others. Be generous with the other person. Show your commitment, appreciate them, and eventually, you will be able to able to work with them. 

9. Digital Durgesh: What are the tools you are using to run your blogging business?

Chayan Chakrabarti: I have been using a few tools.

Some of them are:

  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • Longtail pro
  • Social Snap
  • Wp Rocket
  • Canva
  • Moz
  • And many others…

10. Digital Durgesh: What is that one mistake do you think that most of the bloggers are doing today? And, how to stop?

Chayan Chakrabarti: Focusing on one monetization model and not experimenting more.

They are spending less than $100 in the beginning and putting themselves into the pressure of earning $1000 from that blog overnight.

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Guys, focus on multiple revenue streams when you have started, after 6 to 12 months, observe what is going right for you, and continue with that.

11. Digital Durgesh: Please give some tips for newbie bloggers who want success in blogging?

Chayan Chakrabarti: Niche selection is the most crucial part; blogging means writing, and if you can’t produce some quick content and generate quality backlinks for them, then there is a problem. 

And try to do something unique to be in the game. 

12. Digital Durgesh: What do you think about my Blog?

Chayan Chakrabarti: You are doing great, a good design, a lot of white spaces. Keep it up.

13. Digital Durgesh: Where can our readers follow you?

Chayan Chakrabarti:  My Facebook group and Twitter.

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