How To Start A Blog In 2020 (Easy Step-by-Step Guide)

No, no, no, I am not here to bother you with another post on how to start a blog in 2020. You have already seen a lot of those guides. Let’s give you some insights that will help you to make a solid decision in life.

Why you should Start a Blog?

Why you should Start a Blog

It’s essential to start your own blog. Just put aside the money and career growth once. Even after that, blogging has a lot of amazing benefits that one can think of.

Blogging is becoming a lucrative career option. Experience with running only one blog in your life can make you separate from the crowd for the rest of your life.

Let’s see how. Blogging makes you an organized person in life; you will give value to your time. Alongside that, it will improve your communication skills, writing skills, and so on.

While dealing with the search engines for a couple of years, you will be able to adjust to any situation. Blogging is the platform that can teach you what to do and how to do it.

Now let’s talk about how a blog can transform a person. As a human being, we are the victim of time to money ratio.

We have this mentality around ourselves that we will be paid until we are putting the direct efforts. But a blog can generate you a passive income for you.

So if you have a blog, work harder on it. If you have not, then start today and experience the life of a blogger.

How to Make Money with your Blog?


I get this a lot, people are blogging for more than 2 to 3 years, and yet they are waiting to earn their first $100 online.

And I have been blogging for the last 1 year; I do not believe in showing earning reports as it creates misconceptions around people. But, one thing surprised me when I made my first dollar online, many bloggers are still living in the stone age of making online money techniques.

And they have closed their eyes and ears and are doing the same thing all the time even if that is not giving them any results or significant growth signals.

If you are reading this post right now and you are someone who has not to make money from blogging, let’s make it worse, it has been more than a year, and you are yet to get the return on your investments, then you should not miss this section.

Never start a blog if you want to make money from First Day. Blogging is business, so you have to treat it like that; understand your well-performing content is the key.

You also have to make sure that your site is mobile friendly and loads fast. You will also have to follow social media and how to promote it there.

You also need to know about how to get a massive volume of traffic and identify the quality traffic and retarget them.

Email list building is mandatory, and it’s more crucial to nurture your email lists.

If it takes almost no effort to start your blog right now, but the efforts you will put on your blog after you start matters a lot.

So here are a few thumb rules that you need to follow before you start making money online:

  • Make Sure Your Site Navigation is user friendly; a user should be able to access everything you offer with ease.
  • Keep Exploring Google Search Console
  • Put a lot of SEO friendly contents
  • Promote them and do authentic link building
  • Be vocal about your offerings on social media
  • Offer Some Freebies For your users(It will help you to build the list)
  • Learn the Basics Of SEO
  • Understand Outreach Marketing

If you are a complete beginner, then you will need at least a few months to understand and apply them. I always focus on creating my own strategies. Do the same to speed up the growth.

There Are Several ways to make money online from blog, but do not try to target all the resources if you have just started.

  • Make Money From The Ad-Networks
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Sell Your Own Product
  • Consultations

How Much Does It Cost To Start A WordPress Blog in 2020?


You must have heard this a lot, invest in your blog, but who is going to tell you about the ideal investment patterns. Things go here and there if you do not invest wisely when you have just started.

You can start a free blog on blogger, but it won’t give you many values, and exposers and your earning sources will be limited if you start with the blogger.

Let me share my example here; I invested around $200 on hosting and another $250 for essential tools and plugins.

And I would not recommend you to start with $450; you can start with less than that, I was ignorant because I did not find a step by step guide like this to support me. And because of that, my web hosting investment turned out to be a bad investment.

Now do not feel bad for me; it has got myself covered.

There is one and the only golden rule for investing in your blog that is invested as per your requirement. 

I believe you are an adult, and you understand what condition means; you don’t want to pay for a can of Coca-Cola if you are in an empty stomach.

So as a beginner, I would recommend you to make a budget before investing, start at $100, don’t spend it in one go.

You will get the website hosting and domain around $50 to $60; the price may increase if you are trying to get a premium domain, WordPress free of cost.

So get a custom domain and hosting and start creating content from now.

How To Start A Blog In 2020 (Easy Step-by-Step Guide)

Now come back to our main topic.

It’s easy to Start a Blog from scratch below I have explained an easy step by step process.

  • Step 1. Choose A Profitable Blog Niche / Topic
  • Step 2. Find a Perfect Domain Name For Your Blog
  • Step 3. Choose a Good Hosting for your Blog
  •  Step 4. Install WordPress & Setup your Blog
  • Step 5. Choose an Attention-Grabbing Theme For Your Blog
  • Step 6. Install some Essential Plugin For Your Blog
  • Step 7. Write and Publish Your First Blog Post

Step 1. Choose A Profitable Blog Niche / Topic


To start a successful Blog you have to find a Profitable Blog Niche.

You wish to start a company. But you have done many types of research, you have read many case studies, which is why you are fearing to be a failure and you are planning to start when everything is in place. Yet putting that type of pressure on yourself to select the specific right niche can lead to paralysis.

This way, you can check out thoughts, input the market sooner, and learn from the failures and successes. This way, also, in case your first company is not eliminated, you may always choose what you’ve heard from previous efforts and proceed with new thoughts.

If you are trying hard to pick, or you want more information to utilize, utilize the next five steps to find your niche.

  1.  Identify your interests and passions
  2. Identify problems you can solve.
  3. Research your competition.
  4. Determine the profitability of your niche.
  5. Make Experiments

Pro Tip: Remember, the blog you are creating today, that is not your last blog. Think like an entrepreneur, prepare your blogging schedule, and work accordingly. As they say, success is not final; failure is not fatal.

You must now have a reasonably good idea about what niche you are likely to enter. Perhaps you haven’t narrowed down your list to one topic area.

However, you have probably found a couple of thoughts you are feeling quite good about. Now, it is essential to get a notion of just how much cash you can earn your niche. 

ClickBank is a superb spot to go to begin your search. Thus, browse the best products in your class.

If you can not locate any offers, that is not a fantastic sign. It may indicate that nobody was able to decorate the niche.

If your search develops a nice variety of products although maybe not an overabundance of products you are in luck. Be conscious of price points so you may aggressively price your products.

 Also, remember that you don’t need to begin your company with a product that offers your own.

You’re currently armed with all the info you want to decide on a niche, and the one thing left to do is check your idea.

One secure means to do so is to prepare a landing page to get pre-sales of a product you are developing. You may then drive visitors to the page with paid advertisements.

It might be that your messaging is not entirely appropriate, or you have not found the correct deal yet. By minding A/B carve testing, you can optimize conversions and discover whether anything is stopping your intended market from doing it.

You will want to understand how to make a blog and create more visitors to your website to boost your earnings and scale-up. However, keep in mind that there is not always an ideal procedure for finding a niche.

You will want to do your assignments, but if you become stuck in the preparation stage, you will never really get around to the beginning. 

Step 2. Find a Perfect Domain Name For Your Blog


To start a money-making Blog it’s essential to purchase a domain name.

It’s simple, go for .com domain names if you are targeting the international market, stick with your country-specific extensions if your target customers are inside your country.

A few things to look into while choosing the domain name:

  1. Avoid Numbers And Hyphens
  2. Easy To Pronounce 
  3. Should Not Be Very Long
  4. Your Domain Name Should Tell About Your Blog
  5. Simplistic and Easy to remember

Perfect Domain Name Examples:

Visit Any domain registrar like Go-daddy or Namecheap to get your domain.

Step 3. Choose a Good Hosting for your Blog


A right hosting provider can help you to scale your blog faster.

There have been many arguments with the best hosting provider, but no one is telling about the best value for money hosting and which is why I would like to mention it here.

Pick the best hosting for a blog that gives the best value for your money. When I have a tight budget to host any website, then I go with A2 hosting as it provides the best value for the money, and at the same time, it makes my job easy. 

Let’s see what their basic plan offers.


Along with that, it gives you excellent support, easy site migration, and many more exciting features, so be wise and choose the right hosting.

Check here for Additional Discounts.

 Step 4. Install WordPress & Setup your Blog


WordPress is the CMS to start your blog.

It is the most popular content management platform, and many big brands are using it.

So if you do not know how to code, then you should go with WordPress; it has many customization options that can help you to design a beautiful looking site easily.

All you need to do is install WordPress from the Cpanel dashboard of your hosting. And you are good to go.

Make sure you are changing the default theme and changing the site title and description. 

Step 5. Choose an Attention-Grabbing Theme For Your Blog


If you have created even one WordPress website, then you know that an excellent, attention-grabbing theme is crucial to make your website look more professional.

My recommendation is to Generatepress WordPress Theme because it’s affordable, fast, well coded, and mobile-friendly.

You can try the free version before you purchased their premium plugin to unlock more features. But please make sure that you are not installing any cracked and nulled themes on your site

Step 6. Install some Essential Plugin For Your Blog

Essential Plugin For Your Blog

WordPress Plugins Give you more convenience to customize the look and the feel of the site. Yes, there are free plugins and paid plugins.

Some of the essential plugins that I use are:

  • Contact Form 7: Build a quick form for your blog.
  • Elementor Pro: Elementor helps you to design beautiful landing pages.
  • Akismet Anti-Spam: Block all spammy comments.
  • WP Rocket: Boost your blog speed in just a few clicks.
  • Rank Math SEO: Improve your website SEO by using this free plugin.
  • Social Snap: Add clean looking social sharing button on your blog posts.

And many more you can install to your needs.

Step 7. Write and Publish Your First Blog Post

Publish Your First Blog Post

So after we are done with the setup, you will be writing the very first post of yours.

Feels Excited, well, I feel thrilled each time I hit the add new post button. But there are things that you have to understand before writing your first blog post.

You have to do keyword research and find a keyword that has low competition but high search volume, this will help you to cater more people right from the beginning. 

Sometimes it’s impossible to get the ideal blog post ideas. We have to work with that too.

Writing is not difficult, but please make sure that you are adding values with your writing. Try to use relatable references such as screenshots and your own story. 

FAQ Related to Make A Successful Blog

  1. Should I really use WordPress to Start a Blog?

    Yes, WordPress is a free open source CMS. It is the most popular way to create your own website or blog

  2. Can I Start a Blog for free?

    You can start a free blog with Google Blogger platform later you can migrate to WordPress if you want to scale your blog.

  3. Which is the best hosting for beginner bloggers?

    A2 Hosting is my first choice and I recommend this hosting for beginner bloggers.

  4. How and Where to Start A Blog?

    I have explained an easy step by step guide to start a blog. Just make sure to start a WordPress blog with any Good hosting like A2 Hosting.

  5. Can I start WordPress Blog without a domain name?

    No. Domain name is the first and essential ingredient to start a blog.

  6. Which is the Best free WordPress theme for beginner bloggers?

    If you just started your blogging career then you don’t need to invest in premium themes you can go with Generatepress, Astra and OceanWp.

Final Words…

I hope this guide has given you some insights into How To Start A Blog In 2020. If you follow these steps, then no one can stop your blogging growth, and you will complain less about your blog.

Liked the post? Then share it on social media and also share your inputs in the comments. 


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