Every Successful Pro Blogger Was an Unknown Commodity

I planned to write a post about driving blog traffic or increasing blogging profits.

But I grounded myself and asked: “What do bloggers need most, right now?”

Guaranteed, bloggers do not need another post about driving traffic or profits because tens of millions of traffic and profits boosting posts litter the web. All well and good, of course. But you and I do not NEED these tips. We already have ‘em. 

However, getting into the science of mind, we do quickly realize the need for understanding this: why don’t bloggers seize and use these millions of proven, accurate tips persistently, until going pro? 

Yep; this is someone most bloggers need to know because most bloggers struggle and fail. Why do the blogging masses struggle to put easy to find advice into action, persistently? 

One common cause is the belief that successful, pro bloggers are lucky, gifted, talented beings, who succeeded effortlessly, beginning blogging with large, loyal readerships, in their cyber pockets. 

This is not true. This is not true 100% of the time. I recall seeing a 7 figure blogger speak about how he made $600 during his first year online, even as he published 2-3 content rich blog posts daily. He worked like a millionaire for a full year but seemed like an unknown commodity.  During this year he certainly was not lucky, gifted, talented and he did not walk *Blogging Easy Street*. He did the work of a millionaire before millions of dollars found his bank account. He generously served people, patiently and persistently, before making it big. 

No successful pro blogger begins blogging as a known commodity because every successful pro blogger begins blogging as an unknown commodity. I was a pier guard 12 years ago. Who knew me back then? Family, offline friends and fellow pier guards. That’s about it. No one knew me online, save my Facebook friends. I was an unknown commodity the moment I bought my domain and hosting for my old blog. Guess how many people visited my old blog? 3 daily. For months. The number “3” knew me because I don’t even know if they were human beings. Maybe bots. Bots knew who Ryan Biddulph was, online. Nobody else did.

Do I still seem lucky, gifted, talented, a natural, now, if you now know 3 bots visited my old blog daily for many months? Nope. Luck does not exist in a precise Universe. Talent? How could I be talented? I practiced blogging for a few months! Skills? Yeah, right. Was I a natural when my first few blog posts sounded like Captain Caveman wrote ‘em? Nope. Nobody knew who I was because I was…..a blogging newbie. Newbie bloggers have no skills, no connections, no talent. Successful, pro bloggers spend thousands of hours becoming skilled, connected and talented. 

Do you know those traffic and profits blog posts you see published by pro bloggers, filled with simple, practical tips? Use ‘em! Pros like myself followed these simple tips like guest posting, publishing posts to your blog and engaging in genuine blog commenting for 10,000 to 15,000 hours of our lives. Most bloggers struggle because they ignore simple, basic, proven blogging tips right under their noses, believing instead that sexy shortcuts yield stunning blogging success. Nope. 

First, you start out blogging as a complete unknown. Struggles and failures usually arise during early blogging days. But following simple, practical tips for thousands of hours, over years of your life, leads to a successful pro blogging career. Never quit on blogging because you assume pros did not face your struggles. They did. Never quit on following simple, powerful blogging tips because you assume pros had everything come easily to them, during their early blogging days. They did not. 

All pros began blogging as unknown commodities who drove little traffic and made no money for a period of time, all while they worked generously, creating and connecting, before money started to arrive. 


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